I had the privilege of presenting at the virtual New Stars of Data 2021 conference last week. The conference organizers recently uploaded all of the sessions to YouTube, so I thought I’d post the link here in case any folks following this blog want to check it out.


The session is titled:

What the EF? Common ORM Problems and How to Fix Them

Here’s the abstract:

Are you a DBA who sees ORM queries causing performance fires on a daily basis?

Are you a developer who sees the ORM as a black box you have no control over?

Do you want to learn how to fix these problems yourself, or how to communicate the fix to your colleagues?

In this session I’ll cover what the most common and painful ORM query issues are, show why they’re problematic, and teach you how to fix them.

You’ll learn that you have more control than you think over the queries generated by these tools. In many cases, the fix is simple - you just have to know which buttons to press. Sometimes a little more creativity is required - even modifying the generated T-SQL text on the fly!



Thanks again to William and Ben for organizing the conference, and giving me a fun opportunity to share my experiences with Entity Framework queries in a new medium outside of this blog 😃